Gendering the Middle East : emerging perspectives


Gendering the Middle East : emerging perspectives

edited by Deniz Kandiyoti

I.B. Tauris, 1996

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This text is an attempt to evaluate the extent to which gender analysis has succeeded in both informing and challenging established views of culture, society and literary production in the Middle East. Contributors from the fields of history, anthropology, political sociology, international relations and literary criticism illustrate how a focus on gender may modify our disciplinary perspectives, our understanding of the region and of feminist praxis within it. Their explorations, ranging from political discourse in Iran and inheritance strategies in Palestine to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, women's writing in Egypt, and methodological dilemmas in fieldwork, demonstrate how a focus on gender may act as a powerful tool of social criticism.


  • Contemporary Middle East feminist scholarship, Deniz Kandiyoti
  • gender, discourse and ideology in Iranian studies, Joanna de Groot
  • feminism and Islam in Iran, Parvin Paidar
  • gender relations and inheritance, Annelies Moors
  • engendering political conflict and identity in early Jewish and Palestinian nationalisms, Sheila Katz
  • gender and the Israeli-Palestinian accord, Simona Sharoni
  • women's writing in Egypt, Hoda el-Sadda
  • researching gender in a Palestinian camp, Rosemary Sayigh.

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