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Casebook of management for nonprofit organizations : entrepreneurship and organizational change in the human services

Dennis R. Young

(Administration in social work, v.8)

Haworth Press, c1985

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An essential and unique contribution to the social organizational literature, Casebook of Management for Nonprofit Organizations highlights the importance of good management to human service organizations. Author Dennis Young uses case studies that stress entrepreneurship and are addressed to particular aspects of human services management--the processes of new program development and the management of organization change. Written in nontechnical, readable language, the cases deal with a wide array of types of organizational change, ranging from development of new programs to the birth of new organizations, the merger of organizations, and the expansion and diversification of the service offerings of various agencies. Moreover, the cases touch on many other intrinsic aspects of organizational administration including management of professionals and other staff, working with trustees, financing programs through government and private sources, coping with governmental regulatory processes, and managing relationships with organizational clients and constituent groups.

Table of Contents

Contents Foreword Preface Introduction I. Nonprofit Sector Ventures: Case Studies A. New Organizations Founded From Scratch Melville House Group Live-in Experience, Inc. (GLIE) Group Child Care Consultant Services (GCCCS) B. New Organizations Parented by Existing Agencies Child Welfare Information Services, Inc. (CWIS) Harlem-Dowling Children's Service The Lower East Side Family Union (LESFU) Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services (JBFCS) C. New Initiatives by Existing Organizations Florida Sheriffs Youth Fund, Inc. Greer-Woodycrest Children's Services Pleasantville Diagnostic Center (Jewish Child Care Association) Seabury Barn (Smith Haven Ministries) II. Public Sector Ventures: Case Studies Brookhaven Youth Bureau Sanctuary Program (Huntington Youth Bureau) Outpatient Clinic (Sagamore Children's Center) Index

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