Physico-chemical aspects of food processing


Physico-chemical aspects of food processing

edited by S.T. Beckett

Blackie Academic & Professional, 1995

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Food processing is now the biggest industry in the UK and in many other countries. It is also rapidly changing from what was essentially a craft industry, batch processing relatively small amounts of product, to a very highly automated one with continuously operating high speed production lines. In addition, consumers have developed a greater expectation for consistently high standard products and coupled this with demands for such things as a more natural flavour, lower fat etc. The need for an increased knowledge of the scientific principles behind food processing has never been greater. Within the industry itself, increased automation, company diversification and amalgamations etc. have meant that those working in it have often to change their field of operation. Whereas twenty years ago, someone starting work in one branch of the food industry could expect, if he or she so desired, to work there all their working lives, this is now seldom the case. This means that a basic knowledge of the principles behind food processing is necessary both for the student at university or college, and for those already in the industry. It is hoped, therefore, that this book will appeal to both, and prove to be a useful reference over a wide range of food processing.


Vapor Pessure And Water Activity Glass. Transition. Emulsion Technology. Maillard (Browning) Reaction. Rheology. Foams, Gels and Gelling. Fat Eutectics and Crystallization. Surfaces Effects. Fermentation and Maturation. Change in Cell Sructure. Dairy Products. Cakes, Baking and Bread Making. Meat and Fish Fruit and Vegetables. Preserves and Jellies. Sugar Confectionery. Chocolate. Extruded Products. Sauces, Pickles. Condiments. Alcoholic Drinks. Multi-Component Products

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