Plastic bending : theory and applications



Plastic bending : theory and applications

T. X. Yu, L. C. Zhang

(Series on engineering mechanics, vol. 2)

World Scientific, c1996

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From the point of view of mechanics, this monograph systematically demonstrates the theory of plastic bending and its engineering applications; most of the contents of the book are based on the authors' research in the past decade. The monograph not only expounds the contributions of the authors to the fundamental theory of plastic bending, but also presents various applications of the theory in sheet metal forming, particularly in the analysis and prediction of springback and wrinkling of strips and plates subjected to bending or stamping. In addition to theoretical modelling, attention has also been paid to the development of related numerical methods; comparisons with experimental results are also presented.


  • Engineering theory of elastic-plastic bending of beams
  • mathematical theory of plastic bending
  • large elastic-plastic deflection of flexible bars
  • cylindrical bending of strips
  • numerical methods for single-curvature bending
  • axisymmetric bending of circular plates
  • pressing circular plates into semi-spherical dies
  • biaxial bending and stamping of rectangular plates
  • numerical methods for double-curvature bending
  • wrinkling of circular plates and flanges during forming
  • other applications of theory of plastic bending
  • a brief review of studies on plastic buckling of plates and shells, and problems for further studies.

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