Vietnam's women in transition


Vietnam's women in transition

edited by Kathleen Barry

(International political economy series)

Macmillam , St. Martin's Press, 1996

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Women experiencing the dynamic changes of rapid industrialization in the Vietnam of today - in the family, the factory, the farm and the state - from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City - are the focus of this book. Here, the latest Vietnamese research and policy on women and the family are in dialogue with US feminist theory, research and analysis, providing a multi-disciplinary approach to women's labour, health and fertility, rural development, violence against women, and women's historical and political status at a critical moment of economic and social change.


  • Introduction: Slighting Women and Honoring Men: Dialogue with Vietnam's Women in Transition
  • K.Barry - PART 1: STATUS OF WOMEN: IN HISTORY, REVOLUTION, AND NOW - Vietnamese Women in a Confucian Setting: The Causes of the Initial Decline in the Status of East Asian Women
  • M.D.Frenier & K.Mancini - Women and Revolution in Vietnam
  • M.A.T treault - PART 2: FAMILY AND MODERNIZATION - Women, Marriage, Family, and Gender Equality
  • L.Thi - Divorce and Its Impact on Women and Families in Ho Chi Minh City
  • T.T.N.Du - Remarks on Women Who Live Without Husbands
  • N.T.Tam - Abortion in Two Rural Communes in Thai Binh Province, Vietnam
  • L.T.N.Tuyet, A.Johannson & N.T.Lap - Constraints on Time and Struggle for Gender Equality Among Vietnamese and North American Women
  • L.Yarr - Women's Employment, Education, Fertility, and Family Planning in Vietnam: An Economic Perspective
  • D.Shapiro - Industrialization and Economic Development: The Costs to Women
  • K.Barry - PART 3: URBANIZATION AND WOMEN'S WORK - The Vietnamese Women in Vietnam's Process of Change
  • B.T.K.Quy - Female Workers at Thanh Cong Textile Company in the Renovation Process
  • N.T.Hoa - Homeless and Street Women in the Informal Economic Sector in Hanoi
  • L.T.Quy - Female Labour and Objectives of the Economic Development in Ho Chi Minh City
  • H.T.Khanh - Vietnamese Women in Scientific Creation and Technological Transference
  • H.T.Lich - On the Problem of Health Protection for Female Labourers
  • H.T.P.Tien PART 4: RURAL WOMEN AND AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT - Women and Institutional Changes in a Developing Rural Area
  • N.Q.Vinh - The Direct Loan of Capital from the Bank to Develop Production and Gender Equality
  • T.T.V.Anh - The Real State of Forestry Workers' and Peasants' Families in the Area of Paper-Making in North Vietnam
  • N.T.Khoa - Women Engaged in Household Economy: The Program of Poverty Alleviation in Areas Outside of Ho Chi Minh City
  • L.T.C.Nghi - Rural Women: Agriculture and the Environment in Vietnam
  • C.Sachs - PART 5: VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN - Domestic Violence in Vietnam and Efforts to Curb It
  • L.T.Quy - Sexual Assault in the United States and Vietnam: Some Thoughts and Questions
  • L.Goodstein - Violence Against Women in the Family: The United States and Vietnam
  • M.Johnson - PART 6: WAR AND BEYOND - Women After Wars: Puzzles and Warnings
  • C.Enloe

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