Lenk's laser handbook : featuring CD, CDV, and CD-ROM technology


Lenk's laser handbook : featuring CD, CDV, and CD-ROM technology

John D. Lenk

Tab Books, 1993

1st McGraw-Hill pbk. ed

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Laser handbook


Laser handbook

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hc ISBN 9780070375055


This book - the third in a series of technician level books from Lenk - covers both "how it works" and "how to service it" aspects of all types of laser based audio and video equipment. Compact-disk (CD), laser video (LV), and CD-ROM are all thoroughly covered. It is an essential desktop guide for audio and video technicians, hobbyists, and students everywhere. It is a volume in the "Consumer Electronic" series.


Introduction to Laser-Based Disc Players. Encoding, Decoding and Optical Readout. User Controls, Operating Procedures and Installation. Test Equipment, Tools, and Routine Maintenance. Typical CD Player and CD-ROM Circuits. Typical CDV Player Circuits. Mechanical Operation, Adjustment, and Replacement. CD Player Troubleshooting and Adjustment. CDV Player Troubleshooting and Adjustment.

pbk. ISBN 9780830644292


This guide presents information on servicing laser-based audio and video equipment. It focuses on compact disc players and Laserdisc video, but many of the procedures can be applied to CD Laserdisc, CD interactive, CD-ROM, and most other laser units. Lenk takes a general approach that aims to be reliable and practical, but which should be unaffected by changes in the products. Aimed at technicians, field engineers and skilled amateurs, this manual explains professional diagnostic and repair techniques, making liberal use of schematics, block diagrams and discussions of the theory behind laser operation. Circuit-by-circuit, component-by-component examples show how laser equipment works, how to pinpoint and fix malfunctions, how to perform routine maintenance, and how to install laser modules using current test and repair instruments.

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