The Whitehall reader : the UK's administrative machine in action


The Whitehall reader : the UK's administrative machine in action

edited by Peter Barberis

Open University Press, 1996

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [275]-287) and index



The UK's permanent bureaucracy of senior civil servants is concentrated in Whitehall, and never before has Whitehall and the work of mandarins been the subject of so much public interest and controversy This volume presents a rounded picture of some of the most important issues and recent developments. It covers the structure and workings of the Whitehall machine; Whitehall's interactions with other agents such as Parliament, organized interests and the general public; the relationships between mandarins and ministers; managerial reforms and their implications; and the ethics of officialdom, including questions of loyalty and neutrality. It reflects a wide range of perception and opinion, expressed in the words of academics, politicians, civil servants and other informed observers. This does through a series of excerpts from books, articles, official documents and other sources, some of which are not otherwise readily available. Its key features include: a general introductory essay over forty excerpts, organized thematically into sections each section introduced by a brief commentary concluding annotated bibliography. For the first time in many years, students will have access, in one volume, to some of the most accomplished and up-to-date writings, offering varied and penetrating insights into the 'official' world of Whitehall.


  • Introductory essay: Whitehall since the Fulton report
  • The Whitehall machine - structure and process
  • Civil servants and ministers - power, influence and public policy
  • Loyalties, responsibilities and ethics
  • Reforming Whitehall I - hopes, visions and landmarks
  • Reforming Whitehall II - the critics have their say
  • Whitehall, Parliament and the public
  • Select annotated bibliography
  • Bibliography
  • Index.

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