The Pacific war atlas : 1941-1945


The Pacific war atlas : 1941-1945

David Smurthwaite

HMSO , National Army Museum, 1995

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [142]) and index



: pbk ISBN 9780112905486


Illustrated throughout, this atlas is a history of the war in the Pacific told through text, maps and reconstructions showing battles, movements of fleets and armed forces, strategies, military and naval campaigns of the Allies and the Japanese. Although mainly dealing with the Second World War, it also discusses the pre-war period from 1918. The atlas both stands on its own as an analysis of the war as well as being a companion map guide to other publications on the war against Japan.


  • Key to maps
  • the road to war 1918-1941
  • Pearl Harbour to Hong Kong
  • the Philippines, Malaya and Coral Sea
  • seizing the initiative - Midway
  • the Allied offensive - New Guinea and the Solomons
  • the Allied Offensive - the Gilbert Islands to Manchuria
  • end game- war in the Pacific.

: hard ISBN 9780112905493


A history of World War II in the Pacific told through text and maps showing battles, movements of fleets and armed forces, strategies, military and naval campaigns of the Allies and the Japanese Imperial forces. Although mainly dealing with the period 1941-1945, it also covers the pre-war period from 1918 (end of World War I) to 1941. A paperback edition is also available (ISBN 0-11-290548-x). The author, David Smurthwaite, is Assistant Director of the National Army Museum in London, and a young military historian with a rising reputation. His first book was "Battlefields of the English Civil War". He was subsequently the military consultant to and contributor of all the military history entries to the Everyman Encyclopaedia. David Smurthwaite's specialist interests are 20th-century military history, in particular World War II and the immediate aftermath. He was editor of and principal contributor to "The Forgotten War in the Far East", a study of allied operations against the Japanese in Burma, Malaysia, New Guinea, and the Pacific, 1941-45. He was a contributor to "Armies of World War II" (Osprey). Recent publications include "Against all Odds: the British Army 1939-1940", and "The British Soldier in Normandy", published to coincide with the 50th D-Day anniversary.


  • Part 1 The Road to War 1918-1941: The end of WWl
  • The 1922 Naval Treaty
  • The League of Nations
  • Manchuria
  • China
  • The Great East Asian Co. Prosperity Sphere
  • US Pacific Strategy
  • Territory and Forces - 1 December 1941. Part 2 The Defensive: The Japanese Offensive
  • Pearl Harbour
  • The Allied response: ABDACOM, Prince of Wales and Repulse
  • The Malay Barrier
  • Hong Kong
  • The Philippines
  • Australia and the Line of Communication. Part 3 Transition: The Campaign in the Philippines 1
  • The Campaign in the Philippines II
  • The Campaign in the Philippines III
  • The Dutch East Indies
  • The Retreat from Burma
  • The Tokyo Raid
  • Coral Sea I
  • Coral Sea II
  • Midway I
  • Midway II
  • Midway III. Part 4 Seizing the Initiative: Strategy for 1942-1943
  • Logistics
  • Pacific v Europe
  • The Solomons I
  • The Solomons II
  • The Solomons III
  • New Guinea. Part 5 The Allied Offensive: Strategy for 1943-1944
  • The Solomons IV
  • The Aleutians and New Georgia
  • China
  • The Gilbert Islands I
  • The Gilbert Islands II
  • The Marshall Islands
  • The Arakan Strategy for 1944-1945
  • Turning point in Burma
  • The Mariana Islands I
  • The Mariana Islands II
  • The Mariana Islands III
  • The Philippines I
  • The Philippines II
  • Towards Mandalay
  • Strategy for 1945-1946
  • The bombardment of Japan
  • Iwo Jima
  • Okinawa
  • The end in Burma
  • The invasion of Japan
  • Atomic warfare
  • Manchuria. Part 6 End Game: Surrender and Occupation
  • The Political cost
  • The Human cost
  • The Financial costs
  • Pows. Part 7 The Art of War 1941-1945: Amphibious Warfare
  • Submarine Warfare
  • Carrier Warfare
  • Intelligence and Code Breaking
  • Long Range Penetration.

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