Asia--who pays for growth? : women, environment and popular movements


Asia--who pays for growth? : women, environment and popular movements

edited by Jayant Lele and Wisdom Tettey

Dartmouth, c1996

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This volume presents a selection of papers from the conference on "Asia in the 1990s: Meeting and Making a New World", Queen's University, Canada, 29-31 October 1993. The papers span a variety of issues including Asian women in the division of labour, new social movements and the environment.


  • Introduction - searching for development alternatives - class, gender and environment in Asian economic growth, Jayant Lele. Part 1 New social movements in Asia: ASEAN NGOS in the post Cold War world, Francis Loh Kok Wah
  • the rise of NGOs as critical social movements in Thailand, Suthy Prasartset
  • making a new world - ecology strategies in Asia - revisiting Chico, Nam Chaon and silent valley movements, Lawrence Surendra
  • ethnic insurgencies in North-east India and Chittagong Hill tracts of Bangladesh - a look at tribal social movements, Kalam Shahed. Part 2 Asian women in the international division of labour: Filipina domestic workers in Hong Kong and the new international division of labour, Ludmilla Kwitko
  • emerging gender inequalities within Asia, Krishna Ahooja-Patel
  • the impact of reforms on women in China, Wu Qing
  • Filipino women in the Japanese entertainment industry, Naomi Hosoda. Part 3 Asian environment and development: Himalaya - from disaster to survival, Sunderlal Bahuguna
  • development, geopolitics, and the environmental alteration of the Mekong, Peter Stoett
  • wood, environmental imperatives and developmental strategies - challenges for Southeast Asia, Sing Chew
  • development, natural resources management and sustainability - lessons from the Indican forestry experience, Richard Haeuber
  • energy supply and use in India and China - whose priorities for whose benefit?, Dorothy Lele.

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