Charles de Gaulle : a brief biography with documents


    • Cogan, Charles


Charles de Gaulle : a brief biography with documents

Charles G. Cogan

(The Bedford series in history and culture)

Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press, c1996

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This work is an assessment of the historical role of Charles de Gaulle, as well as the Gaullist movement and its legacy for France, for Europe and for trans-Atlantic relations. Part One examines de Gaulle's career in three stages; Part Two reprints primary documents of government, interviews, excerpts from de Gaulle's memoirs and speeches.


Foreword - Preface - PART ONE: A SHORT HISTORY OF GAULLISM - Introduction - De Gaulle and the Saving of the French Nation 1890-1946 - De Gaulle and the Reordering of the French State 1946-1962 - De Gaulle, the Man of the Traditional European Concert, 1962-1969 - Epilogue: The Legacy, 1970- PART TWO: DOCUMENTS - The Saving of the French Nation - The Reordering of the French state - The Traditional European Concert - The Legacy - Appendices: A Charles de Gaulle Chronology - Questions for Consideration - Suggestions for Further Reading - Index

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