Developing CGI applications with Perl


Developing CGI applications with Perl

John Deep, Peter Holfelder

Wiley Computer Pub., c1996


Developing Common Gateway Interface applications with Perl

CGI applications with Perl

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If you are ready to build your own customized interactive documents, forms, graphics, and other full-feature CGI applications using Perl, then this book will show you how. Developing CGI Applications with Perl is written by a team of CGI experts who have developed cutting-edge applications for many of the most advanced sites on the Web. This book: Provides all of the tools and techniques to build dynamic documents, database query tools, interactive graphics, Web search tools, and all other types of CGI applications Covers CGI, HTTP, and the Perl scripting language Reveals many of the best Web server utilities, HTML utilities, and other CGI applications now in use around the world This comprehensive guide assumes no prior familiarity with Perl.


The World Wide Web. HTML. HTML Forms. The CGI. Perl. The HyperText Transfer Protocol. FormMail. Free for All Links. Countdown. Random Image Displayer. Guestbook. Server Push and Client Pull. rand.cgi: A Random Anything-You-Want Generator. A WWW-Based Information Management System. ORG: ORacle Gateway. Creating Dynamic Documents. Inexpensive Internet Services. Index.

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