Lecture notes on epidemiology and public health medicine


Lecture notes on epidemiology and public health medicine

Richard Farmer, David Miller, Ross Lawrenson

Blackwell Science, 1996

4th ed


Epidemiology and public health medicine

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This is a core text that covers the basics of epidemiology, preventive medicine, public health and the organization of medical care. It aims to set the basic medical science into a global and clinical context. This edition has been fully revised, with particular attention paid to the recent resurgence of some infectious diseases, the continuing developments in AIDS research and the continued restructuring of the provision of health care. The book should appeal to all students of medicine and practising doctors who want to make clinical decisions based on sound evidence. This basic introduction to epidemiology and public health medicine covers, with examples, the theory and practice of epidemiology, including study design, sources of information and medical demography. There are also sections on the prevention and control of diseases and the organization and management of health services. The importance of the prevention of disease and an understanding of population-based health care has recently been stressed by the General Medical Council. This textbook strives to meet the needs of medical students, doctors and anyone interested in the promotion of health and the prevention and control of disease.


  • Part 1 Epidemiology: general principles
  • concepts of cause and risk and types of epidemiological study
  • descriptive studies
  • surveys, survey methods and bias
  • cohort studies
  • case-control studies
  • intervention studies
  • health information and sources of data
  • indices of health and disease and the standardization of rates
  • medical demography. Part 2 Prevention and control of disease: general principles - health promotion and health education
  • control of infectious diseases
  • immunization
  • environmental health
  • occupational health
  • screening. Part 3 Health services: health targets
  • history and principles
  • the National Health Service
  • evaluation of health services.

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