Natural resource and environmental economics


Natural resource and environmental economics

Roger Perman, Yue Ma, James McGilvray

Longman, 1996


Natural resource & Environmental economics

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [378]-388), and name and subject indexes



Environmental economics is one of the fastest growing areas of economics. It establishes the true cost of natural resources including the costs of clean water and fresh air, and discusses ways in which these costs can then be distributed among consumers. This completely new textbook combines rigorous economic theory with its practical application in the environment to provide the most up-to-date and thorough coverage of the subject. The author introduces input-output models and general equilibrium analysis of environmental policy which is unique in an environmental economic text at this level and illustrates the text with real-life case studies. (Los Angeles, Peru, Eastern Europe)


Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. An introduction to resource and environmental economics. 2. Ethics, discounting the future and the environment. 3. Sustainability and sustained development. 4. Welfare economics and the environment. 5. The efficient and optimal use of the environmental resources. 6. The theory of optimal resource extraction: Non-renewable (exhaustible) resources. 7. The theory of optimal resource extraction: Renewable reources. 8. The economics of pollution. 9. Pollution control policy. 10. The valuation of environmental resources. 11. Population growth, economic growth and the natural environment. 12. International and global environmental pollution problems. 13. Environmental input-output modelling. 14. Accounting for the environment.

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