LAN survival : a guerrilla guide to NetWare



LAN survival : a guerrilla guide to NetWare

Deni Connor, Mark Anderson ; foreword by John McCann

AP Professional, c1994

  • : acid-free paper
  • : disk

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System requirements for computer disk: IBM-compatible PC with 386 or above microprocessor; 4MB RAM minimum; DOS; VGA monitor

Includes index




This volume outlines the skills and concepts necessary to use and maintain a NetWare or other LAN operating system. It also covers the application of the concepts and logic of local networking to tasks or problems when they occur. Included with the book is the LAN Compass software, an on-line networking reference and program for calculating file server, workstation, and cabling requirements that enables network planning and troubleshooting. In addition, the appendices feature specific real-life models (Department of Defense, CompuServe), and vendor lists and boards. Finally, specific strategies and tips for budgeting and cost maintenance are also outlined.


  • Why and when do you need a network?
  • network basics
  • care and feeding of the network
  • network security
  • plotting your course
  • making the best of the network
  • network protocols and topologies
  • putting the pieces together
  • choosing a file server
  • data location
  • LAN drivers and disk drivers
  • choosing your LAN workstation
  • choosing tape and power backup systems
  • choosing NetWare applications
  • monitoring your investment
  • upgrading your network
  • expanding your network
  • linking with other LANs and operating systems.

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