Rise & resurrection of the American programmer


Rise & resurrection of the American programmer

Edward Yourdon

(Yourdon Press computing series)

Yourdon Press : Prentice Hall, c1996

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The author reviews what he considers to be the new generation of programmers. In doing so he aims to help programmers understand the new technologies, industries and applications they should be involved with at the end of the 20th century.


I. DECLINE AND FALL, REEXAMINED. 1. The Original Premise. An Update of the Original Premise. What Do Software Customers Really Want? Conclusion. 2. Peopleware. The Basic Concept. Breaking the Social Contract. Other Changes in Peopleware. Strategic Implications. 3. The Other Silver Bullets. Software Process Improvement. Object Technology. Software Reuse. Software Metrics. Summary and Conclusions. II. REPAVING COWPATHS. 4. System Dynamics. Models of Software Processes. Visual Models. Some Examples. War Games. Summary and Conclusions. 5. Personal Software Practices. The Concept of Personal Software Processes. The Practicality of the PSP. Summary and Conclusions. 6. Best Practices. What Are Best Practices? Best Practices at DOD. Worst Practices. Implementing Best Practices. Summary and Conclusion. 7. Good-Enough Software. The Concept of "Good Enough." What Prevents Us from Building Good-Enough Software? Defending Good-Enough Software. Building Good-Enough Software. The Implications for American Software. Summary and Conclusions. III. THE BRAVE NEW WORLD. 8. Service Systems. Why Do We Recreate the Same Old Stuff? Core Systems, Infrastructure Systems, and Service Systems. Strategic Implications. The Impact on the American Programmer. 9. The Internet. Who Cares? Why This Matters to the Average Programmer. Who's Going to Win the Internet Race? 10. Java and the New Internet Programming Paradigm. What Is Java All About? The Java Environment. The Java Language. Alternatives and Competitors. Strategic Implications. Summary and Conclusions. 11. The Microsoft Paradigm. Microsoft's Approach to Software Development. The Dark Side of the Force. Into the Belly of the Beast. 11.4 Peopleware at Microsoft. Development Practices at Microsoft. 12. Embedded Systems and Brave New Worlds. Why Embedded Systems? Some Potential Examples. Trends and Implications. Who Will Prevail in the Field of Embedded Systems? 13. Past, Present, and Future. Appendix: An Updated Programmer's Bookshelf. Index.

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