The German book, 1450-1750 : studies presented to David L. Paisey in his retirement


The German book, 1450-1750 : studies presented to David L. Paisey in his retirement

edited by John L. Flood and William A. Kelly

(The British Library studies in the history of the book)

British Library, 1995

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A collection of essays by 26 scholars in the field of historical bibliography in honour of David L. Paisey, formerly curator of German books at the British Library. The texts draw on a wide range of aspects of German book production from 1450 to 1750.


  • The second disturbance in quire F - an unsolved mystery in Fust and Shoeffer's "Psalterium Benedictinum" of 1459, Martin Boghardt
  • an early 18th-century sale of Mainz incunabula by the Frankfurt Dominicans, Margaret Nickson and Lotte Hellinga
  • "News from Portugal" in 1506 and 1507, as printed by Johann Weissenburger in Nuremberg, Irmgard Bezzel
  • "Caveat Lector!" Edward Schroeder's "facsimile" of the 1515 Strasbourg edition of "Till Eulenspiegel" and the consequences for scholarship, John L. Flood
  • new light on the presses of Adam Dyon and Kaspar Libisch in Breslau (1518-1540), Helmut Claus
  • Duerer's "Kleine Passion" and a Venetian blockbook, Denis V. Reidy
  • physicians and publishers - the translation of medical works in 16th-century Basle, Frank Hieronymus
  • 16th-century German Bohemica in the British Library, Mirjam Bohatcov
  • the Antwerp edition of the works of Baptista Mantuanus of 1576 and Johannes Lucienberger of Frankfurt am Main, Ulrich Kopp
  • two German strays in Italy, Dennis E. Rhodes
  • German funeral books and the genre of the festival description - a parallel development, Jill Bepler
  • a German-Dutch tapestry - some early 17th-century Dutch publications with German connections, Henrick ven Haestens of Leiden and Jan Jansz of Arnhem, Anna E.C. Simoni
  • who printed the text of the "Hortus Eystettensis?, Nicolas Barker
  • Christian Cunrad's "Hirten Gespruech", Leonard Forster
  • a man of many parts - some thoughts on the career of Christian Brehme, student, soldier, courtier, librarian, burghermaster, poet, Anthony J. Harper
  • Arcadian semiotics - the visual poetry of Sigmund von Birken (1626-1681, Jeremy Adler
  • the publication of a 17th-century bestseller - Sigmund von Birken's "Der Donau-Strand" (1664), John Roger Paas
  • festival books for religious occasions, Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly
  • research on early German dissertations - report on work in progress, Manfred Komorowski
  • Konrad Philipp Limmer (1658-1730) a neglected polymath, William A. Kelly
  • the "splendid library" of the Counts of Auersperg in Ljubljana, Martin Bircher
  • the House of Weidmann in Leipzig and the 18th-century importation of English books into Germany, Bernhard Fabian and Marie-Luise Spieckermann
  • Joseph Downing and the publication of Pietist literature in England, 1705-1734, Graham Jefcoate
  • almanacks and poltergeists - Gottfried Kisling's interleaved "Osnabrueckscher Stiffts-Calender" (1713-1739), Horst Meyer
  • the baroque sermon illustrated by a collection from Austria and neighbouring territories, Graham Nattrass
  • publications by David L. Paisey, Dennis E. Rhodes.

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