The major powers and western Europe, 1900-1971


The major powers and western Europe, 1900-1971

compiled and edited by Robin Bidwell

(Bidwell's guide to government ministers, v. 1)

F. Cass, c1973

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First Published in 1973. This is Volume I of a listing of government ministers, that concentrates on major powers in Western Europe from the 1900 to 1971. It includes listings of Head of State, Head of Government, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, War, the Interior and Finance.


  • Chapter 1 Heads of State
  • Chapter 2 Heads of Government
  • Chapter 3 Ministers of Foreign Affairs
  • Chapter 4 Ministers of War/Defence
  • Chapter 5 Ministers of the Interior
  • Chapter 6 Ministers of Finance
  • Chapter 7 Ministers of Justice
  • Chapter 8 Ministers of the Navy
  • Chapter 9 Ministers of Trade, Commerce, Industry and Economic Affairs
  • Chapter 10 Ministers of Colonies/Overseas Territories
  • Chapter 11 Permanent Representatives at UNO

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