Robust control via variable structure and Lyapunov techniques


Robust control via variable structure and Lyapunov techniques

Franco Garofalo and Luigi Glielmo (eds.)

(Lecture notes in control and information sciences, 217)

Springer, c1996

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A large part of today's fervour on robust control research is focused on those techniques which utilise the Variable Structure Control Method and Lyapunov's Second Method, and which constitute the backbone of the so-called "deterministic" control of uncertain systems. The chapters of this book cover a large spectrum of the recent research and introduce the most innovative ideas in the field. Contained within the volume the reader will find: a survey of control Lyapunov functions; new structures of sliding mode controllers with discussion on higher order sliding modes; new techniques for the design of direct and indirect adaptive controllers; an introduction to the geometric theory of "flat" systems; controllers for plants with component-wise bounded inputs; robust design via linear matrix inequalities and polytopic covering; and some issues on the dissipativity and absolute stability of nonli near systems.


Approaches to robust nonlinear control.- Dynamical sliding mode control via adaptive input-output linearization: A backstepping approach.- A generic Lyapunov procedure to design robust control for nonlinear uncertain systems: Introducing interlacing into recursive design.- Nonlinear tracking via discontinuous feedback under uncertainty.- Implementation of variable structure control for sampled-data systems.- Higher order sliding modes as a natural phenomenon in control theory.- An adaptive servomechanism for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems encompassing actuator hysteresis.- A new class of identifiers for robust parameter identification and control in uncertain systems.- Exponential convergence for uncertain systems with component-wise bounded controllers.- Quadratic stabilization of uncertain linear systems.- Piecewise-linear functions in robust control.- A lie-backlund approach to dynamic feedback equivalence and flatness.- Asymptotic stability and periodic motions of selector-linear differential inclusions.- Structured dissipativity and absolute stability of nonlinear systems.

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