Stonehenge complete


Stonehenge complete

Christopher Chippindale

Thames and Hudson, c1994

Rev. ed

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First pbk. edition 1987

Winner of the British archaeological book award



When the first edition of "Stonehenge Complete" was published, it won the British Archaeological Book Award. People have puzzled over Stonehenge for centuries: speculating and dreaming about it, drawing and painting it, trying to make sense of it. Here is the story of the one real Stonehenge, as well as the many unreal Stonehenge that archaeologists, tourists, mystics, astronomers, artists, poets and visionaries have made out of it. This new edition has been revised and updated to include the latest theories and discoveries, bringing the Stonehenge story into the 1990s. Christopher Chippindale is editor of the international archaeological journal "Antiquity".


  • To the medieval eye
  • in the age of Queen Elizabeth
  • during the English Renaissance
  • Mr Aubrey and Mr Stukeley
  • delusion of Druids
  • the sublime and the romantic
  • the making of Ancient Wiltshire
  • of age, evolution and astronomy
  • Victorian visitors
  • the proprietor and his public
  • 1900 and after
  • the destruction of half Stonehenge
  • Wessex to Mycenae, and back
  • the moon behind the megaliths
  • alternative visions
  • a future for Stonehenge
  • Stonehenge - a basis of knowledge
  • in conclusion
  • visiting Stonehenge.

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