Empirical foundations of household taxation


Empirical foundations of household taxation

edited by Martin Feldstein and James M. Poterba

(A National Bureau of Economic Research project report)

University of Chicago Press, 1996

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The nine papers in this volume exploit the substantial variation in U.S. tax policy during the last two decades to investigate how taxes affect a range of household behaviour, including labour-force participation, saving behaviour, choice of health insurance plan, choice of child care arrangements, portfolio choice, and tax evasion. They also present analytical results on the effects of different types of tax policy.


Acknowledgments Introduction Martin Feldstein, James M. Poterba. 1: Labor Supply and the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 Nada Eissa Comment: James J. Heckman 2: The Taxation of Two-Earner Families Martin Feldstein, Daniel R. Feenberg. Comment: Harvey S. Rosen 3: Labor Supply and Welfare Effects of a Shift from Income to Consumption Taxation Gilbert E. Metcalf Comment: Gary Burtless 4: The Distributional Effects of the Tax Treatment of Child Care Expenses William M. Gentry, Alison P. Hagy. Comment: Brigitte C. Madrian 5: Tax Subsidies to Employer-Provided Health Insurance Jonathan Gruber, James M. Poterba. Comment: David F. Bradford 6: High-Income Families and the Tax Changes of the 1980s: The Anatomy of Behavioral Response Joel Slemrod Comment: Don Fullerton 7: Tax Shelters and Passive Losses after the Tax Reform Act of 1986 Andrew A. Samwick Comment: Roger H. Gordon 8: The Relationship between State and Federal Tax Audits James Alm, Brian Erard, Jonathan S. Feinstein. Comment: James W. Wetzler Contributors Author Index Subject Index

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