Transforming public policy : dynamics of policy entrepreneurship and innovation


    • Roberts, Nancy Charlotte
    • King, Paula J.


Transforming public policy : dynamics of policy entrepreneurship and innovation

Nancy C. Roberts, Paula J. King

(The Jossey-Bass public administration series)(The Jossey-Bass education series)

Jossey-Bass Publishers, c1996

1st ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 255-270) and indexes



This work is targeted at practitioners and researchers who pursue large-scale system change involving multiple organizations and hundreds of people. It looks at how radical change can be achieved in public policy by "change agents" - often people outside government who push for change using certain policy entrepreneurship and innovation tactics. The authors' ultimate aim is to build an understanding of radical change in open systems - systems without clear boundaries that can cross group, organizational, regional, even national boundaries. The authors follow a single case - educational reform through public school choice in Minnesota - and its six policy entrepreneurs over a five year period to determine the dynamics of radical system-level change.


Part One: Change Agents in Action: A Case Study in Educational Reform 1. The Innovative Idea and Its Context 2. An Idea Becomes Law: The Legislative History of Reform 3. The Actions Behind the Headlines 4. The Players Behind the Scenes: The Entrepreneurial Team and Its Networks 5. The Individuals Behind the Ideas: Personal Characteristics of the Policy Entrepreneurs Part Two: Lessons Learned 6. Entrpreneurial Identity: Personality, Values, Motivation, Knowledge, and Skills 7. Collective Entrepreneurship: the Role of Teams in Policy Innovation 8. Keys to Managing the Policy Innovation Process 9. Remaining Lessons for Pursuing Radical Change Conclusion: A Theory of Radical Change by Design.

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