Handbook of medical anthropology : contemporary theory and method


Handbook of medical anthropology : contemporary theory and method

edited by Carolyn F. Sargent and Thomas M. Johnson

Greenwood Press, 1996

Rev. ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [425]-542) and index



A significant update of the 1990 classic state-of-the-art handbook on medical anthropology. With new chapters on AIDS, psychology and emotion, nutrition, and bioethics, the text reflects the changes in medical anthropological theory and practice since the late 1980s. Chapters from the first edition are revised to reflect current trends and to include recent references. This work demonstrates the creative expansion and diversity in the field, amidst efforts to explore the individual sickness experience in the context of local cultures and global political and economic dynamics.


Introduction by Carolyn F. Sargent and Thomas M. Johnson Theoretical Perspectives The Therapeutic Process by Thomas J. Csordas and Arthur Kleinman Political Economy in Medical Anthropology by Soheir A. Morsy A Critical-Interpretive Approach in Medical Anthropology: Rituals and Routines of Discipline and Dissent by Margaret Lock and Nancy Scheper-Hughes Culture, Emotion and Psychiatric Disorder by Janis H. Jenkins Clinically Applied Anthropology by Noel J. Chrisman and Thomas M. Johnson Medical Systems Ethnomedicine by Arthur J. Rubel and Michael R. Hass Ethnopsychiatry by Charles C. Hughes Ethnopharmacology: The Conjunction of Medical Ethnography and the Biology of Therapeutic Action by Nina L. Etkin Studying Biomedicine as a Cultural System by Lorna Amarasingham Rhodes Health Issues in Human Populations Disease, Ecology, and Human Behavior by Peter J. Brown, Marcia C. Inhorn, and Daniel J. Smith Anthropology and Studies of Human Reproduction by Carole H. Browner and Carolyn F. Sargent Alcohol and Drug Studies by Linda A. Bennett and Paul W. Cook, Jr. Culture, Stress, and Disease by William W. Dressler Nutrition in Medical Anthropology by Sara A. Quandt Methods in Medical Anthropology Research Designs in Medical Anthropology by Pertti J. Pelto and Gretel H. Pelto Epidemiology and Medical Anthropology by William R. True Policy and Advocacy Bioethics in Anthropology: Perspectives on Culture, Medicine, and Morality by Patricia A. Marshall and Barbara A. Koenig The Professionalization of Indigenous Healers by Murray Last International Health and Development: Problems and Programs in Anthropological Perspective by Sandra S. Lane and Robert A. Rubinstein References Index

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