African Americans and civil rights : from 1619 to the present


African Americans and civil rights : from 1619 to the present

by Michael L. Levine

(Social issues in American history)

Oryx Press, c1996

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Includes bibliographical references p.[295] and index



This well-written narrative, concise but packed with history, chronicles the struggle for African American civil rights. Beginning in 1619 when the first ship carrying Africans arrived in North America and continuing to the present, historian Michael L. Levine gives readers a balanced overview of how U.S. laws have prevented blacks from having the same civil rights as others. The text is accompanied by 65 detailed biographical sketches that describe the roles played by key individuals who worked to advance-or block-the civil rights of African Americans.


Preface vii CHAPTER 1:West Africa, the Atlantic Slave Trade, and the Americas 1 CHAPTER 2:The Colonial Era: 1619-1763 16 CHAPTER 3:The Era of the American Revolution: 1764-1820 37 CHAPTER 4: The Antebellum Years: 1820-1860 57 CHAPTER 5: The Civil War and Reconstruction: 1861-1877 83 CHAPTER 6: The Triumph of White Racism: 1878-1915 109 CHAPTER 7: World War I through the Great Depression: 1914-1941 140 CHAPTER 8: World War II and the Postwar Years: 1941-1960 166 CHAPTER 9: The Civil Rights Revolution, Black Power, and White Backlash: 1960-1968183 CHAPTER 10: Progress and Setbacks in a Conservative Era: 1969 to the Present 209 Biographies 249Chronology 277Glossary 289Further Reading 295Index 317

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