Managing in organizations that learn


Managing in organizations that learn

edited by Steven A. Cavaleri and David S. Fearon

(Developmental management)

Blackwell, 1996

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Bringing together the insights of leading theorists, consultants and practitioners in the field of organizational learning, this book addresses the changing role of managers in team-oriented organizations. Major themes of the book include: reconnecting the experiences of working and learning; linking teams to systems learning; building learning communities; and transforming organizations for both learning and performance. Each major section of the book is introduced by an extensive interview with a leading figure in the field of organizational learning.


  • Part 1 Managing and learning: interview, Kermit Campbell
  • managing in and through the knowledge ecology, Steven A. Cavaleri and David S. Fearon
  • the prism of the new managerial mind, David S. Fearon and R. Ivan Blanco
  • the learning manager and the inner side of management, William P. Ferris and A. Russell Fanelli
  • the playing fields of learning, Kathleen DeChant. Part 2 Learning through working: interview, Andre Delbecq
  • creating the conditions for learning, Richard E. Wise
  • closing the loop - the dynamics of creative learning, Alex Pattakos
  • leading learning, Steven I. Meisel and David S. Fearon. Part 3 Linking teams with systems learning: interview, John D Sterman
  • from individual and team learning to systems learning, George Roth
  • transforming top management teams into learning groups, Laura Freebairn-Smith
  • information pathways to learning, Steven A. Cavaleri et al. Part 4 Learning communities - balancing managing and learning: interview, Peter Vaill
  • relational management, Nicholas J. Zangari and Steven A. Cavaleri
  • learning from the core, Sharon Seivert et al
  • identity and values, Fred Reed and Sharon Seivert. Part 5 Transforming organizations for learning and performance: interview, Cecil Ursprung
  • integrating learning and organizations, John Montgomery and Frank Scalia
  • strategic planning as a tool for building learning capacity, James P. Thompson and Joan Weiner
  • creating a world-class total learning organization, James Stoner
  • epilogue - interview, William O'Brien.

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