Green justice : the environment and the courts


Green justice : the environment and the courts

Thomas More Hoban, Richard Oliver Brooks

Westview Press, 1996

2nd ed

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Bibliography: p. 229-244

Includes index



In the nine years since Green Justice first appeared, the field we have come to identi as "environmental law" has taken a number of twists and turns, few of which were foreseen by the authors or, so far as they know, by anyone else. Although this edition attempts to account for many of these changes, it continues to emphasize what we believed then and continue to believe to be paramount, not only for the study of environmental law but for common-law based jurisprudence in general: Despite the immediacy and crush of daily events, closely reasoned analyses of the difficulties and conflicts arising from environmental conflicts, as embodied in major cases or key decisions such as we present here, provide a stabilizing core around which the swirl of daily events takes place, and against which those events must be evaluated. We believed then, and believe even more strongly now, that this is true not only for legal specialists and scholars but for an educated populace as well. Thus this casebook.


Preface -- Introduction -- Part One -- Environmental, Personal, and Property Rights -- Part Two -- Environmental Statutes -- Part Three -- Fundamental Causes of the Environmental Crisis -- Part Four -- Law as a Means of Attaining Environmental Ideals -- Conclusion -- Chronology of Cases -- Glossary -- Bibliography -- About the Book and Authors.

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