Colony and frontier in medieval Ireland : essays presented to J.F. Lydon


Colony and frontier in medieval Ireland : essays presented to J.F. Lydon

edited by T.B. Barry, Robin Frame, and Katharine Simms

Hambledon Press, 1995

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Includes bibliographical references and index



These essays explore aspects of the English colony in medieval Ireland and its relations with the Gaelic host society. They deal with both the foundation and expansion of the English lorsdship in the twelfth and early thirteenth centuries, and with the problems and adjustments that accompanied its contraction in the later middle ages. Attention is paid to the government and society of the colony itself, and to the interactions between settler and native.


  • The first Ulster plantation - John de Courcy and the men of Cumbria, Sean Duffy
  • tenure and locality in North Leinster in the early 13th century, Brendan Smith
  • the archbishops of Dublin, 1181-1228, Margaret Murphy
  • the proceedings against John de Burnham, treasurer of Ireland, 1343-49, Philomena Connolly
  • the Kilkenny chronicle, Bernadette Williams
  • chief governors and treasurers of Ireland in the reign of Richard II, Dorothy Johnston
  • crossing the Shannon frontier - Connacht, 1170-1240, Helen Perros
  • the internal frontier - the Irish in County Waterford in the later Middle Ages, Ciaran Parker
  • two kings in Leinster, Robin Frame
  • frontiers in the Irish church - regional and cultural, Katharine Simms
  • "the last frontier" - the settlement history of late mediaeval Ireland, T.B. Barry
  • Irishmen in Lucca, Christine E. Meek
  • bibliography of works by J.F. Lydon, P.W. Asplin.

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