NetLearning : why teachers use the Internet


    • Serim, Ferdi
    • Koch, Melissa


NetLearning : why teachers use the Internet

Ferdi Serim and Melissa Koch

(Songline guides)

Songline Studios and O'Reilly & Assoc., c1996

1st ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 281) and index

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Why are teachers so excited about the Internet? There are two compelling reasons, according to the first wave of teachers who have explored the Internet. First, the Net allows students to learn by doing real-world projects that involve researching information online and contacting experts who are accessible via email. Second, the Net allows teachers to learn from each other by collaborating on projects and curriculum development. NetLearning is all about what teachers and their students are learning online, and their success stories show why the Internet has become invaluable in the classroom. Sure, these teachers have experienced frustration with everything from technical glitches to funding technology plans, but they have learned what works. These pioneering educators share how they overcame barriers such as lack of funds, a skeptical administration, a fearful community, and limited technical support. Ferdi Serim, co-author of NetLearning and teacher at Princeton Regional Schools District, started the Online Internet Institute (OII), with funding from the National Science Foundation. OII helps educators use the Internet as a tool for learning in their classrooms. Four times a year for six to nine weeks, OII participants connect with subject area experts and online mentors to create innovative online curriculum. This book incorporates what Ferdi has learned from OII participants, his own experiences, and other education pioneers.

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