Simplified design of linear power supplies


Simplified design of linear power supplies

John D. Lenk

(EDN series for design engineers)

Butterworth-Heinemann, c1994

  • : acid-free

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*No previous design experience is required to use the techniques described *All popular forms of linear supplies are covered in detail (including zener, 3-terminal, feedback, current foldback, op-amp, series, shunt, and IC package). *Extensive use of headings and subheadings helps the reader seeking information on specific types of supplies Simplified Design of Linear Power Supplies is an all-inclusive, one-stop guide to linear power-supply design, using step-by-step instructions and diagrams. The first half of the book describes how linear power supplies operate, and explains what is required to design such supplies. The second half provides specific design examples, using the techniques described in the first half. The basic approach is to start design problems with approximations for trial-value components in experimental circuits, then to vary the component values until the desired results (input/output, voltage and current, line and load regulation, ripple rejection, noise, etc.) are produced. The design examples can be put to immediate use, as is, or can be modified as required to meet a specific design goal, by following the instructions.


  • Linear power-supply basics
  • Heat sinks for linear power supplies
  • Discrete feedback-regulator basics
  • Linear regulator basics
  • Op-Amp linear regulator basic
  • Linear-supply testing and connections
  • Linear-supply design examples.

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