I am not your victim : anatomy of domestic violence


I am not your victim : anatomy of domestic violence

Beth Sipe, Evelyn J. Hall

(Sage series on violence against women, v. 1)

Sage Publications, c1996

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 294-298)



Detailing the domestic violence suffered by the first author during her 16 year marriage, this moving volume details the background and events leading up to and immediately following Beth Sipe's tragic act of desperation: ending the life of the perpetrator. Encouraged to publish her story by her therapist and co-author, Evelyn Hall, Sipe relates how her case was mishandled by the police, the military, a mental health professional and the welfare system, illustrating how women like herself are further victimized and neglected by the very systems that are expected to provide assistance. Her story is followed by seven commentaries by experts in the field. They discuss: the causes and process of spousal abuse; the reasons why battered women stay; and the dynamic consequences of domestic violence.


Prologue - Evelyn J Hall PART ONE: BETH'S STORY A Fine Romance And Baby Makes Four No White Picket Fence Lord and Master of the House Going Home Again And Baby Makes Five Rocky Mountain Lows A House in Glitter Gulch Rolling the Dice A No-Win Result Go Directly to Jail Presumed Guilty My Cup Overflows The First Rainbow The Second Rainbow The Sun Comes Out to Stay Afterword PART TWO: COMMENTARIES The Counselor's Perspective - Evelyn J Hall The Lawyer's Perspective - William H Smith The Fatal Flaw - Susan L Miller Inadequacies in Social Support and Criminal Justice Responses Rule-Making and Enforcement/Rule-Compliance and Resistance - Barbara J Hart Beth Sipe and the Health Care System - Jacquelyn C Campbell `Let's Get Out, I Can't Stand It Here Anymore' - Jeffrey L Edleson Reflections on Our Work with Battered Women - Deborah D Tucker

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