Pyramids of Túcume : the quest for Peru's forgotten city


Pyramids of Túcume : the quest for Peru's forgotten city

Thor Heyerdahl, Daniel H. Sandweiss, and Alfredo Narváez

Thames and Hudson, c1995

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 233-235) and index



Thor Heyerdahl, explorer, anthropologist and adventurer, is well-known for his daring expedition around the globe. Almost half a century ago he risked his life sailing from Peru to Polynesia on a balsa raft, the story immortalized in his book "The Kon-Tiki Expedition" (1948). Since then similar voyages have taken him across the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and the most remote corners of the world, in a lifelong quest for knowledge, adventure and excitement. In recent years his travels have led him back to Peru, where he learned of the colossal pre-Columbian site of Tucume, containing 26 pyramids. Who had built these pyramids, and when? What discoveries lay in store for the investigator wishing to probe their mysteries? Heyerdhal set up camp, and in this narrative describes his experiences and the ambitious programme of excavations his team undertook. Numerous burials have been uncovered, revealing grave goods, including Inca silver figurines and featherwork textiles. They discovered a mud-plaster frieze depicting reed boats of exactly the type Hererdahl had foreseen. This, together with lapis lazuli from Chile and shells from Ecuador and Panama, provided confirmation that the people of Tucume were experienced voyagers who traded over long distances. This book is a first-hand account of Hererdahl's discoveries. Weaving together archaeology, myth and history with portraits of the present-day community, it should be of interest to travellers, archaeologists, anthropologists annd adventure-lovers.


  • Tucume and the maritime heritage of the north coast of Peru
  • Tucume - a temple called Purgatory
  • cultural background and regional prehistory
  • the pyramids of Tucume - the monumental sector
  • the maritime connection - Huaca Las Balsas
  • life in ancient Tucume - sector V
  • death in ancient Tucume - burials in the south cemetary and Huaca Facho
  • peak of the past - La Raya mountain
  • Tucume past
  • Tucume and the continuity of Peruvian culture.

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