The future of resource sharing



The future of resource sharing

Shirley K. Baker, Mary E. Jackson, editors

Haworth Press, c1995

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The Future of Resource Sharing addresses the key issue facing libraries today on how to survive in an age of interdependence. Increasingly, individual libraries must act as if each is part of a "world library." Instead of being self-sufficient, each library, from the small public library to the large research library, must find ways to put materials from this "world library" into the hands of its patrons and must stand ready to supply materials from its own collection to others, both quickly and cost-effectively through interlibrary loan. The Future of Resource Sharing helps library professionals begin to see their own establishments as part of this "world library" and gives them an idea of what they may expect in the future.Chapters in The Future of Resource Sharing explore the critical questions for making resource sharing work in today's world with particular emphasis on interlibrary loan. Cooperative collection development, economic decision models, consortial arrangements, copyright dilemmas, and the possibilities of technology are explored and a national project to revamp interlibrary loan and document delivery is described and future directions posited. Authors present historical perspective, explore the future, and report from multiple perspectives.The Future of Resource Sharing serves as a reader on the current issues and future directions of resource sharing. It addresses the short-term need to explore the many issues involved in making the current system work significantly better while preparing for the future. The publication of this volume signifies the movement of resource sharing from a marginal to a key issue for even the largest resource libraries.


Contents Introduction The Research University's Dilemmas: Resource Sharing and Research in a Transinstitutional Environment Resource Sharing: The Public University Library's Imperative Real Access as the Paradigm of the Nineties Scholarly Publishing, Copyright, and the Future of Resource Sharing Future of Resource Sharing in Research Libraries Resource Sharing and Prices The Future Using an Integrated Approach: The Ohiolink Experience Impact of Holdings on Resource Sharing Commercial Document Delivery: The Academic Library's Perspective System Architecture and Networking Issues in Implementing the North American Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Initiative (NAILDD) The Future of Document Delivery: A Vendor's Perspective Staff and Training Issues: Optimizing the Potential of Library Partnerships The Future of Resource Sharing: The Role of the Association of Research Libraries Reference Notes Included

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