Economic analysis and political ideology


Economic analysis and political ideology

edited by Thomas Lys

(Economists of the twentieth century, . The selected essays of Karl Brunner ; v. 1)

Edward Elgar, 1996

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At the time of his death in 1989, Karl Brunner was known not only for his writings in monetary economics but also for his contributions to econometrics, the theory of man, logics and the analysis of sociopolitical problems. Between 1953 and 1989, Professor Brunner published over 200 articles and books, founded two leading academic journals - the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, and the Journal of Monetary Economics - and organized numerous conferences. Economic Analysis and Political Ideology, the first volume of Karl Brunner's essays with an introduction by Nobel Laureate James M. Buchanan, reproduces articles dealing with Professor Brunner's socio-economic analysis. Providing insight into a man absorbed and preoccupied by economic scholarship, this volume includes papers ranging from economic policy, inflation, the place of religion in the social order and Keynes's sociopolitical vision to more personal writings on the author's quest for knowledge and the reasons underlying his fascination with economics. The second volume, Monetary Theory and Monetary Policy, with a foreword by Alan Meltzer, is published separately and deals with macroeconomic issues.


Contents: Preface Introduction by James Buchanan 1. Knowledge, Values and the Choice of Economic Organization 2. My Quest for Economic Knowledge 3. The Poverty of Nations 4. 'Assumptions' and the Cognitive Quality of Theories 5. The Perception of Man and the Conception of Government 6. The Perception of Man and the Conception of Society: Two Approaches to Understanding Society 7. Reflections on 'Theology and the Social Order" 8. Religion and the Social Order 9. The First World, the Third World and the Survival of Free Societies 10. The New International Economic Order: A Chapter in a Protracted Confrontation 11. The Socio-political Vision of Keynes 12. Reflections on the Political Economy of Government: The Persistent Growth of Government 13. The Limits of Economic Policy 14. Mephistopheles and Inflation 15. Economic, Development, Cancun and the Western Democracies 16. A Fascination with Economics Index

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