Artificial intelligence and expert systems for engineers



Artificial intelligence and expert systems for engineers

C.S. Krishnamoorthy, S. Rajeev

CRC Press, 1996

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This book provides a comprehensive presentation of artificial intelligence (AI) methodologies and tools valuable for solving a wide spectrum of engineering problems. What's more, it offers these AI tools on an accompanying disk with easy-to-use software. Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems for Engineers details the AI-based methodologies known as: Knowledge-Based Expert Systems (KBES); Design Synthesis; Design Critiquing; and Case-Based Reasoning. KBES are the most popular AI-based tools and have been successfully applied to planning, diagnosis, classification, monitoring, and design problems. Case studies are provided with problems in engineering design for better understanding of the problem-solving models using the four methodologies in an integrated software environment. Throughout the book, examples are given so that students and engineers can acquire skills in the use of AI-based methodologies for application to practical problems ranging from diagnosis to planning, design, and construction and manufacturing in various disciplines of engineering. Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems for Engineers is a must-have reference for students, teachers, research scholars, and professionals working in the area of civil engineering design in particular and engineering design in general.


Chapter 1. Introduction General Developments in Artificial Intelligence Developments in Expert Systems Role of AI and Expert Systems in Engineering Chapter 2. Search Techniques Introduction Problem Definition and Solution Process Production Systems Search Techniques Problem Decomposition and AND-OR Graphs Chapter 3. Knowledge-Based Expert System Introduction What is KBES? Architecture of KBES Chapter 4. Engineering Design Synthesis Introduction Synthesis Decomposition Model for Synthesis Role of Synthesizer in KBES Environment An Architecture for a Synthesizer-A Generic Tool Generic Synthesis Tool-GENSYNT Chapter 5. Criticism and Evaluation Introduction Methodologies Used in Knowledge Based Environment A Framework for Critiquing and Evaluation Generic Critiquing Tool-GENCRIT Chapter 6. Case-Based Reasoning Introduction Applications of Case-Based Reasoning Case-Based Reasoning Process A Framework for CBR in Engineering Design (CASETOOL) Architecture of CASETOOL Application Example Chapter 7. Process Models and Knowledge-Based System Introduction Expert Systems for Diagnosis Blackboard Model of Problem Solving ODESSY-An Integrated System for Preliminary Design of Reinforced Concrete Multistory Office Buildings Conceptual Design of a Car Body Shape SETHU-An Integrated KBES for Concrete Road Bridge Design Future Trends Appendices Index

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