International relations and the limits of political theory


International relations and the limits of political theory

Howard Williams

Macmillan, 1996

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 164-167) and index



This book shows how the traditional concerns of political theory push it increasingly into the study of international relations. This is done, first, by demonstrating how many of the issues usually dealt with by political theory, such as democracy and justice, arise within an increasingly global context and, secondly, by considering how international issues, such as colonialism and war, are best illuminated by building on the work of political theorists. The book suggests that political theory and international relations theory can now both be successfully engaged in as a joint enterprise only.


PART 1 - Introduction and Acknowledgements - Kant and the Protestant Ethic - Nietzsche and Fascism - Political Philosophy and the Philosophy of History in Hegel's Essay on the English Reform Bill - Democracy and Right in Habermas' Theory of Facticity and Value - Democracy and Human Freedom - PART 2 - Grotius as an International Political Theorist - John Locke and International Politics - Political Philosophy and World History: The Examples of Hegel and Kant - Justice in One Country? - International Relations and the Reconstruction of Political Theory - Conclusion - Index

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