Practical math for health fitness professionals


Practical math for health fitness professionals

Dennis K. Flood

Human Kinetics, c1996

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 205-208) and index



This text explains how to perform the metabolic calculations used in exercise physiology. The book is aimed at health professionals and students seeking certification in these fields, and shows simple methods for solving problems in exercise metabolism, pulmonary function and cardiovascular dynamics. It contains many examples and practice problems which should help those with maths phobias to gain an understanding of calculations in exercise physiology. In addition to explaining fundamental maths concepts which are necessary for working in exercise physiology, this book shows how to complete metabolic equations which are included on ACSM certification examinations.


  • Introduction to metabolic mathematics
  • review of general math
  • mathematical units and problem solving
  • cardiovascular dynamics and calculations
  • pulmonary function calculations
  • resting energy expenditure
  • energy cost of level walking
  • energy cost of uphill walking
  • oxygen consumption during running
  • cycle and arm ergometer metabolic equations
  • calculations for bench stepping
  • submaximal exercise testing and related math
  • nutrition math.

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