Split britches : lesbian practice/feminist performance


Split britches : lesbian practice/feminist performance

edited by Sue-Ellen Case

Routledge, 1996

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [273]-276)



The Split Britches theatre company have led the way in innovative and challenging lesbian performance for the last decade. Split Britches: Lesbian Practice/Feminist Performance is a long awaited celebration of the theatre and writing of Lois Weaver, Peggy Shaw and Deborah Margolin, who make up this outstanding troupe. This unique anthology comes complete with: * seven of Split Britches' best loved performance texts * a critical, historical introduction by Sue-Ellen Case * programme notes to accompany each of the plays * a range of stunning photographic illustrations The publication of the Split Britches play texts, collected here for the first time, provides invaluable access to these celebrated performance pieces for both the student and contemporary arts audience.


1. Split Britches 2. Beauty and the Beast 3. Upwardly Mobile Home 4. Little Women 5. Belle Reprieve 6. Lesbians Who Kill 7. Lust and Comfort.

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