Global restructuring : the Australian experience



Global restructuring : the Australian experience

Robert H. Fagan and Michael Webber

(Meridian : Australian geographical perspectives)

Oxford University Press, 1994

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In Australia, wide differences of opinion emerged in the 1990s about the nature of the global economic restructuring process, how it was initiated and what sort of economy and society are emerging from it. In particular, the global nature of the changes have caused controversy and confusion. This study provides an introduction to this complex topic. Debate has recently been rekindled about the future role of transnational corporations, foreign investment and the competitiveness of Australian production on world markets. Showing the importance of a geographical perspective in these debates, this text examines the links existing between processes of global change and transformations within Australia. The most important approaches to explaining this restructuring are used to provide a framework for understanding Australia's recent patterns of production, trade and investment. The uneven impact of change on major sectors of the Australian economy and on different groups of people in cities and regions are shown, and case studies of the food processing industries, iron and steel production, motor vehicle manufacture and banking are presented.

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