The practice of forensic neuropsychology : meeting challenges in the courtroom


The practice of forensic neuropsychology : meeting challenges in the courtroom

edited by Robert J. McCaffrey ... [et al.]

(Critical issues in neuropsychology / series editors, Antonio E. Puente, Cecil R. Reynolds)

Plenum Press, c1997

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The Practice of Forensic Neuropsychology focuses the awareness of neuropsychologists on the critical areas of forensic practice that should be considered during each phase of a scientific neuropsychological examination/investigation. Written by three eminent neuropsychologists and a seasoned attorney, this important book contains practical information and guidelines for conducting valid and reliable forensic neuropsychological examinations that aid the 'trier-of-fact' in both civil and criminal settings. The authors also include vital information to help attorneys evaluate neuropsychological claims put forth by their own or opposing experts.


  • The Forensic Neuropsychologists: Precedents, Roles and Problems
  • A.J. Giuliano, et al. The Forensic Evaluation of Adult Traumatic Brain Injury
  • A.D. Williams. Flexible Versus Flexible Batteries
  • A.D. Williams. Special Issues in the Evaluation of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  • A.D. Williams. Premorbid Intellectual Functioning and the Determination of Cognitive Loss
  • J.K. Lynch, R.J. McCaffrey. Neuropsychology in Civil Proceedings
  • L.C. Laing, J.M. Fisher. Neuropsychology in Criminal Proceedings
  • D.G. Rehkopf, Jr., J.M. Fisher. Ecological Validity and Forensic Neuropsychological Assessment
  • C.J. Long, L.F. Collins. Forensic Clinical Neuropsychology as a Paradigm for Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment: Basic and Emerging Issues
  • A.E. Puente. Strategies for Precluding the Use of Unscientific Neuropsychological Evidence in a Mild Head Injury Case
  • L.C. Laing, J.M. Fisher. Appendix: Hypothetical Trial Testimony of Dr. C. Index.

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