Software engineering with C++ and CASE tools


    • Pont, Michael J.


Software engineering with C++ and CASE tools

Michael J. Pont

Addison-Wesley Pub., 1996

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Now in its second reprint, this popular book provides a detailed, practical comparison of object-oriented, process-oriented ('structured') and data-oriented development strategies. A key feature of the book is the use of a powerful CASE tool (included on the CD-Rom) in all of the design examples. These examples cover the whole of the development process, from analysis and design through to implementation and testing. The practical nature of the design comparisons is emphasised by using example programs, in C++ to illustrate all of the discussions. No previous experience of C++ is required in order to make full use of the book, but some previous programming experience is assumed. This book will help practising programmers update their skills to take full advantage of object-oriented design and programming techniques. It will also help students of computer science and engineering make effective use of C++ in substantial software projects.


Introduction PART ONE: Process-Oriented Development PART TWO: Data-Oriented Software Development PART THREE: Object-Oriented Software Development APPENDICES A. CASE tool: Installation B. CASE tool: Managing a project C. CASE tool: Installing the Sample Projects D. CASE Tutorial: General Introduction E. CASE Tutorial: Dataflow Diagrams F. CASE Tutorial: Data Dictionary G. CASE Tutorial: Process Specifications H. CASE Tutorial: State Transition Diagrams I. CASE Tutorial: Structure Charts J. CASE Tutorial: Entity- Relationship diagrams and Class-Relationship Diagrams

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