Burying Mao : Chinese politics in the age of Deng Xiaoping


Burying Mao : Chinese politics in the age of Deng Xiaoping

Richard Baum

(Princeton paperbacks)

Princeton University Press, 1996, c1994

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"Fourth printing, and first paperback printing, with additions and corrections, 1996"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references (p. [473]-489) and index



For almost two decades after Mao Zedong's death, an epic, no-holds-barred contest was waged in China between orthodox Marxists and reformers. With Deng Xiaoping's strong support, the reformers ultimately won; but they--and China--paid a heavy price. Here, Richard Baum provides a lively, comprehensive guide to the intricate theater of post-Mao Chinese politics. He tells the intriguing story of an escalating intergenerational clash of ideas and values between the aging revolutionaries of the Maoist era and their younger, more pragmatic successors. Baum deftly analyzes the anatomy of the reformers' ultimate victory in his brilliant reconstruction of the twists and turns of the reform process.


List of Tables and IllustrationsPrefaceAcknowledgmentsA Note on Sources and MethodsAbbreviations Used in the TextIntroduction: The Age of Peng Xiaoping3Pt. IThe Roots of Reform, 1976-198025Ch. 1Burying Mao: April 1976-July 197727Ch. 2Deng Takes Command: August 1977-December 197848Ch. 3The First Fang/Shou Cycle: Novemher 1978-Angust 198066Ch. 4High Tide of Reform: Gengshen, 198094Pt. IIThe Road to Tiananmen, 1981-1989119Ch. 5Polarization and Paralysis: January 1981-April 1982121Ch. 6Defining the Spirit of Socialism: Summer 1982-December 1983143Ch. 7The Rebirth of Liberal Reform: January 1984-Summer 1985164Ch. 8Social Origins of Student Protest: Summer 1985-December 1986189Ch. 9Combating Bourgeois Liberalization: January 1987-Spring 1988206Ch. 10Bittersweet Fruits of Reform: March 1988-April 1989225Pt. IIIThe Beijing Spring, 1989245Ch. 11The Beijing Spring: April-May 1989247Ch. 12CrackingDown: June 1989-February 1990275Pt. IVThe Old Order Changes, 1990-1995311Ch. 13Picking Up the Pieces: Winter 1990-Autumn 1991313Ch. 14Deng's Final Offensive: January-October 1992341Ch. 15The Last Cycle: October 1992-Summer 1993369Ch. 16The Mandate of Heaven: Summer 1993-Summer 1995377Epilogue: Burying Deng391Abbreviations Used in the Notes395Notes397References473Index491

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