The challenge of diversity : integration and pluralism in societies of immigration


The challenge of diversity : integration and pluralism in societies of immigration

Rainer Bauböck, Agnes Heller, Aristide R. Zolberg(Eds.)

(Public policy and social welfare, v. 21)

Avebury, c1996

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Immigration from diverse origins has not only changed the social composition of highly industrialized societies. It has also profoundly affected their cultural identities. In the first part of this book, five authors address the controversies about multiculturalism from the perspectives of normative political theory, historical and comparative analysis and sociological theory. In the second part, five other researchers examine how patterns of cultural pluralism are articulated in specific countries and integration policies. The common denominator is that cultural diversity resulting from immigration is seen as a fundamental challenge to which liberal democracies have yet to respond.


  • Part 1 Theoretical and comparative perpectives: the many faces of multiculturalism
  • immigration and multiculturalism in the industrial democracies
  • social and cultural integration in civil society
  • the cultural claims of immigrants and other minorities
  • sociological dimensions of cultural pluralism. Part 2 Immigration and pluralism in national contexts: immigration and minorities policy, public discourse and multiculturalism in Dutch society
  • equality, freedom of choice and partnerhsip - multicultural policy in Sweden
  • immigration, integration and the welfare state
  • the Federal Republic of Germany in comparative perspective
  • models of multicultural education
  • the Beta-Israel - a withering identity?

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