Baseball economics : current research


    • Fizel, John
    • Gustafson, Elizabeth
    • Hadley, Lawrence


Baseball economics : current research

edited by John Fizel, Elizabeth Gustafson, Lawrence Hadley

Praeger, c1996

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [211]-220) and index



This collection of contributions by 14 professional economists analyzes the current economic issues in major league baseball. Most of these issues are related to the recent disputes between owners and players over a collective bargaining agreement and between large-market and small-market owners over revenue sharing. Issues addressed include the impact of the construction of new stadiums and racial discrimination on attendance. In addition, players' salaries, free agency, cost of player development, and arbitration are discussed.


Preface Introduction Baseball Economics: The Opening Pitch by John Fizel, Elizabeth Gustafson, and Lawrence Hadley The Product Market Rebuilding Attendance in Major League Baseball by Thomas H. Bruggink and James W. Eaton If You Build It, Will They Come? Attendance and New Stadium Construction by Donald A. Coffin Estimating Customer Discrimination in Baseball Using Panel Data: 1972-1991 by Daraius Irani The Labor Market Determination of Salary Levels A Comparison of Salary Determination in the Free Agent and Salary Arbitration Markets by Daniel R. Marburger An Interperiod Analysis of the Salary Impact of Structural Changes in Major League Baseball: Evidence from Panel Data by Mark Paul Gius and Timothy R. Hylan Training in Major League Baseball: Are Players Exploited? by Anthony C. Krautmann and Margaret Oppenheimer Salary Arbitration Do Baseball Arbitrators Simply Flip a Coin? by Paul L. Burgess, Daniel R. Marburger, and John F. Scoggins Is There Bias in Major League Baseball Arbitration? by John Fizel Race, Risk and Repeated Arbitration by David M. Frederick, William H. Kaempfer, Martin T. Ross, and Richard L. Wobbekind Luxury Taxes and Revenue Sharing The Luxury Tax Proposal for Major League Baseball: A Partial Equilibrium Analysis by Elizabeth Gustafson and Lawrence Hadley Overstated Exploitation: Monopsony v. Revenue Sharing in Sports Leagues by Rodney Fort and James Quirk Special Topics Positional Segregation in Major League Baseball: 1961-1990 by Erid Eide and Daraius Irani Technical Efficiency in Major League Baseball by John Ruggiero, Lawrence Hadley, Elizabeth Gustafson Labor Relations in Japanese Baseball by James B. Dworkin and Gregory S. Jelf Bibliography Index

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