Mercury and its effects on environment and biology


Mercury and its effects on environment and biology

edited by Astrid Sigel and Helmut Sigel

(Metal ions in biological systems / edited by Helmut Sigel, v. 34)

Marcel Dekker, c1997

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Details analytical methods for the determination of mercury and covers the biogeochemical cycling of mercury in lakes, rivers, oceans, the soil and the atmosphere. This volume also examines the microbial transformation of mercury species, their accumulation in the food chain, the physiology and toxicology, and more.


  • Analytical methods for the determination of mercury (II) and methylmercury compounds - the problem of specification
  • mercury in lakes and rivers
  • biogeochemical cycling of mercury in the marine environment
  • catchments as a source of mercury/methylmercury in boreal surface waters
  • gold rushes and mercury pollution
  • accumulation of mercury in soil and effects on the soil biota
  • biogeochemistry of mercury in the air-soil-plant system
  • microbial transformation of mercury species and their importance in the biogeochemical cycle of mercury
  • bioacummulation of mercury in the aquatic food chain in newly flooded areas
  • mercury in the food web - accumulation and transfer mechanisms
  • physiology and toxicology of mercury
  • metabolism of methylmercury in the brain and its toxicological significances
  • maternal-fetal mercury transport and fetal methylmercury poisoning
  • effects of mercury on the immune system
  • the impact of mercury released from dental silver fillings on antibiotic resistance in the primate oral and intestinal bacterial flora
  • inhibition of brain tubulin-guanosine triphosphate interactions by mercury - similarity to observations in Alzheimer's diseased brain
  • interaction of mercury with nucleic acids and their components
  • mercury-responsive gen regulation of mercury-199 as a probe of protein structure
  • bacterial mercury-resistance genes.

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