The death of Jesus in early Christianity


The death of Jesus in early Christianity

John T. Carroll and Joel B. Green ; with Robert E. Van Voorst, Joel Marcus, Donald Senior

Hendrickson Publishers, c1995

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [281]-299) and indexes



The centrality of the death of Jesus for the Christian faith can hardly be overstated, and interest in the subject is "red hot." As each generation of Christians comes to terms with its historical claims, and its theological import, it is only natural that its implications merit reexamination. Taking a studied look at the death of Jesus" from the Old Testament's perspective to that of the Gospels and Hebrews to that of extra-canonical accounts" Carroll and Green put us in their debt for their comprehensive survey of the effects and implications of a central tenet of Christianity."John Carroll and Joel Green have harvested bountiful scholarship on a central issue in Christian thought, offering us a volume as impressive in its range as in its depth, as satisfying in its parts as in its cohesiveness. Thoroughly conversant with current research, their study remains, to its great credit, concentrated on the primary texts. The end product is historically grounded, literarily perceptive, and theologically astute. Well-balanced and admirably clear, "The Death of Jesus in Early Christianity" belongs off the shelf and on the desk of scholar and pastor alike."" C. Clifton Black, Associate Professor of New Testament, Perkins School of Theology"Carroll and Green have written the perfect book for those interested in exploring the meaning and significance of Jesus' death. Well-organized, carefully documented, it can serve as a text for theological students as well as a source book for exegetes and systematicians."Frank J. Matera, Professor of New Testament, The Catholic University of America"This is the most comprehensive treatment of the NT material on this subject now available. Itis not simply an analysis of key passages, but sets them in the context of the different writings, showing full awareness of narrative nuance as well as of theological crux. It tackles historical questions and the sensitive issue of anti-Judaism in the passion narratives with equal flair. It is concerned with the meaning of atonement then but also its significance now. And all this in highly competent and often incisive dialogue with the most recent literature on the subject. If you can afford only one volume on your shelves on this subject, this is it." James D.G. Dunn, Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, University of Durham

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