Reef fisheries



Reef fisheries

edited by Nicholas V.C. Polunin and Callum M. Roberts

(Fish and fisheries series, 20)

Chapman & Hall, 1996

1st ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [379]-461) and indexes



Reef ecosystems extend throughout the tropics. Exploited by small-scale fishers, reefs supply food for millions of people, but there are growing worries about the productivity and current state of these ecosystems. Reef fish stocks display many features of fisheries elsewhere. However, habitat spatial complexity, biological diversity within and among species, ecosystem intricacy and variable means of exploitation make it hard to predict sustainable modes and levels of fishing. This text offers an account of the subject. Starting with the biological basis of reef fish productivity it explores patterns and effects of exploitation before examining available means of stock assessment, management and recovery. It will be a useful text for upper-level students of fish biology, fisheries researchers, ecologists, conservation biologists, social scientists and fisheries policy-makers. This book should be of interest to fish biologists, fisheries scientists, ecologists, conservation biologists, marine biologists.


  • The scope of tropical reef fisheries and their management, John L. Munro
  • reproduction of reef fishery species, Yvonne J. Sadovy
  • Larval dispersal and survival in tropical reef fishes, George W. Boehlert
  • settlement and beyond - population regulation and community structure of reef fishes, Callum M. Roberts
  • trophodynamics of reef fisheries productivity, Nicholas V.C. Polunin
  • geography and human ecology of reef fisheries, Kenneth R. Ruddle
  • catch rates, selectivity and yields of reef fishing, Paul Dalzell
  • population and ecosystem effects of reef fishing, Simon Jennings and John M. lock
  • model and method in reef fishery assessment, Richard S. Appeldoorn
  • social and economic aspects of reef fisheries and their management, John W. McManus
  • maintenance and recovery of fishery productivity, James A. Bohnsack
  • traditional management of reef fishing, Kenneth Ruddle
  • modern institutional framework for reef-fisheries management, Timothy J.H. Adams
  • developments in tropical reef fisheries science and management, Nicholas V.C. Polunin et al.

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