Women in Saudi Arabia today


Women in Saudi Arabia today

Mona Almunajjed

Macmillan , St. Martin's Press, 1997

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Bibliography: p. 109-141

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The book studies the social issues related to the status of women in Saudi Arabia and the extent to which Saudi Arabian women actively participate in the development of their country. It also focuses on education and work outside the home as they affect the traditional role of the Saudi woman as wife, mother and homemaker. At the same time, those factors promote the participation of women in the development of Saudi Arabia. The book examines also the quality of Saudi women's lives in a traditional society and the meaning of their social reality. Intensive interviews were held with 100 Saudi women in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from different social, economic and educational levels.


Introduction - Status of the Arab Women under Islamic Law - Segregation - The Veil - Education - Work - Conclusion - Bibliography - Index

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