600 MCQs in anaesthesia : clinical practice


600 MCQs in anaesthesia : clinical practice

Neville W. Goodman, Chris Johnson

Churchill Livingstone, 1996

2nd ed


Six hundred MCQs in anaesthesia

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Rev. ed. of: 600 MCQs in anaesthesia / P.J. Simpson, N.W. Goodman. 1987



This work contains 600 multiple choice questions and associated answers arranged in 30 mock examination papers. It allows candidates preparing for clinical part of the FCA exam to time themselves answering questions similar to the ones they will face in the actual examination. Each paper is followed by annotated answers. Candidates studying for the European Diploma of Anaesthesiology will also benefit from the content of this book. Few of the questions in the second edition are the same. Over 100 are entirely new, or have had parts of them altered. Most of the questions have had wording changed to make them clear, and many of the answers have been expanded for better understanding. Most of the alterations reflect the changes in knowledge and anaesthetic practice which have taken place since the first edition.


Questions Arranged By Papers Each Containing 60 Questions Followed By Answers and a Brief Explanation

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