Servants of the people : the 1960s legacy of African-American leadership


Servants of the people : the 1960s legacy of African-American leadership

Lea E. Williams

Macmillan Press, 1997

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Includes bibliographical references ([233]-247) and index



The repressive climate of racial hatred in America that spawned the 1960s civil rights movement also galvanized a generation of African-American leaders who embodied the qualities of servant leadership. Williams follows the lives of six leaders of the civil rights cause: A. Philip Randolph, Frederick D. Patterson, Thurgood Marshall, Whitney M. Young, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., and Fannie Lou Hamer. In these profiles, Williams reveals the legacy of servant leadership they embodied. This text paints a portrait of an entire generation and those who came forth to lead them in the struggle for basic civil rights, recapturing their legacy and drawing lessons for today's leaders.


Preface Dynamic Times Call for Dynamic Leaders Leadership Denied PART 1: THE FORERUNNERS: SECURING SAFE PASSAGE A. Philip Randolph, Dean of Black Civil Rights Leaders Frederick D. Patterson, Leading by Precept and Example PART 2: THE NEGOTIATORS: BUILDING CONSENSUS Thurgood Marshall, A Drum Major for Justice Whitney M. Young, Jr. and Vanguard Leadership PART 3: THE PROVOCATEURS: CATCHING FIRE Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., The Uses and Abuses of Charismatic Power Fannie Lou Hamer, Voice of the Servant-Leader Whence and Wherefore Claiming the Legacy: Leadership for the 21st Century Lessons for Leaders Abbreviations Chronology Bibliography Index

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