China's political system : modernization and tradition


China's political system : modernization and tradition

June Teufel Dreyer

Macmillan, 1996

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 341-342) and index



The fully-revised new edition of June Teufel Dreyer's best-selling textbook provides a comprehensive review of the sweeping changes occurring in the world's most populous country and largest remaining communist state set in a broad historical and institutional context. Review comments on previous edition: 'Dreyer has attempted that most difficult of tasks: to produce a student textbook that is at once comprehensive, current and thorough. On all three counts she succeeds with credit. As a general text, this volume has no rival.' - R. Ash, Times Higher Education Supplement


Introduction - The Chinese Tradition - Reformers, Warlords, and Communists - The Communist Road to Power - PRC Politics Under Mao: 1949-1976 - PRC Politics Under Deng: 1976-1995 - The Politics of the Economy - Crime and Punishment: The Legal System of the PRC - The Role of the Military - Education - Quality-of-Life Issues: Health, Demography, and the Environment - Conformity and Dissent: The Politics of the Arts and Journalism - Ethnic Minorities and National Integration - Minorities Policy in Practice - Foreign Policy - Conclusions

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