Sociology : introductory readings


Sociology : introductory readings

edited by Anthony Giddens

Polity Press, 1997

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This is a thoroughly revised and updated edition of the best-selling introductory reader in sociology. The book offers a comprehensive, yet challenging set of readings for students approaching the study of sociology for the first time. A strong emphasis has been placed upon readability and liveliness. The volume includes contributions from newspapers and weekly periodicals, as well as from academic journals. It is designed as a companion to Giddens's Sociology, but can also be used independently, or alongside other textbooks.The book maintains the distinctive approach which Sociology pioneered. It is strongly comparative in emphasis and stresses the influence of globalizing trends in social life. In addition, it includes a diverse range of material relevant to the institutions of British society. The readings range from studies of face-to-face interaction through to the analysis of large-scale global systems.There are many new sections in this collection, including those on the sociology of the body, media and popular culture, and the sociology of education. The readings are broken up into different sections and each section is preceded by a summary of the materials, in order to maximize ease of comprehension on the part of students. The result is a text that is both exceptionally accessible yet also easy to follow. Sociology: Introductory Readings will be an essential resource for anyone who wishes to acquire a basic understanding of the scope of sociological thought today.


Preface to the Second Edition. Introduction. 1. What is Sociology? 2. Social Interaction and Everyday Life. 3. Sociology of the Body. 4. Gender and Sexuality. 5. Crime and Deviance. 6. Media and Popular Culture. 7. Marriage and the Family. 8. Race and Ethnicity. 9. Class and Stratification. 10. Work and Economic Life. 11. Government and Politics. 12. Education. 13. Religion. 14. Social Change and Global Crises. 15. Sociological Research Methods. 16. Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology. Notes. Index.

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